If you like what you see, why not commission a portrait? A drawn or painted rendering of a loved one will provide a completely unique, timeless gift, and extend a level of contentment that photographic portraiture can seldom achieve. Here’s how to do it.


I work from photographs, so choose a good, clear, high resolution image with plenty of facial detail. Bespoke reference photographs of the subject can be arranged, though please note that this will incur coverage of any travel expenses. These images would also be supplied to you digitally free of charge.


Below you can find guide prices for a range of sizes. These are approximate figures, and your final quote will be calculated according not just to size, but also the number of subjects you wish to include, the level of detail and preferred media. 

Commissions can be undertaken in either pencil & graphite, or full colour works using acrylic paints & Prismacolor pencils. I work on 220gsm cartridge paper for drawings, or line & wash art board for paintings. 

Please be aware of the factors that can alter the final cost when commissioning your artwork: I work to a photorealistic standard, so lots of hair, groups of people and highly decorative elements can all potentially add time to the process.

Once you’ve decided upon the size & media that you want, email your image & requirements to info@garymillsfineart.com


Once the reference image, size & media have been agreed, a contract will be provided. This will include a bespoke quotation and deadline for completion (dependent upon current workload) and will need to be signed and returned. I always give each client a quote tailored specifically to their individual requirements. You will receive your contract within 24 hours.

4. payment & delivery

Once the contract has been agreed, an advance payment of 50% of the total fee needs to be made before work commences. The remaining balance will be due upon project completion and your approval. 

The delivery method will be agreed in advance, and will be made either in person or via Next Day delivery, dependent upon location.


Single Subject (1 person, head & shoulders)

Size (cm) B&W Drawing Colour Painting
15 x 20 £60 £95
20 x 30 £90 £120
30 x 40 £120 £145
Each additional single subject: £35

Complex Single Subject (1 person full body or animal)

Size (cm) B&W Drawing Colour Painting
15 x 20 £90 £130
20 x 30 £120 £155
30 x 40 £145 £180
Each additional complex single subject: £60

For any other questions, please feel free to get in touch.


"We've used Gary's services on three occasions over the last few years….on each occasion, the recipient was delighted with this personalised and unique memento. Turnaround times were excellent, and the resultant artwork represented great value for money.”

  • Neil and Liz, Silverstone

“Gary Mills single-handedly defined Mordant Music's visual aesthetic, and to this day his imaginative & deftly executed legacy remains a vital component. I have also commissioned portraits and purchased his paintings, all of which are finely-honed, utterly unique one-offs.”

  • Ian Hicks, Mordant Music, Hastings

“We were absolutely delighted with the portrait Gary did of our grandchildren.  He really captured their individual personalities and it made a wonderful keepsake for us. Thank you so very much.”  

  • Liz & Mel, Northampton