Crowd Show at NN Contemporary

A neat follow-on from the last post here - my Ingrid Bergman painting (or more accurately, a print of it) is presently part of Sarah Taylor Silverwood’s Crowd Show at NN Contemporary here in Northampton. Sarah’s random curation method - an open call via a roadside billboard - has facilitated a disparate collection of artworks for the exhibition, intended as the starting point for a series of events in the town which will address the meaning and value of art and the art world.

It’s a pleasure to be involved, and you can drop in to see the exhibition until the 3rd of November. More info on Crowd Show and details on the public programme of events can be seen here.

Incidentally, the original painting is currently up for sale here at a ludicrously low price….

Ingrid Bergman at  Crowd Show , NN Contemporary

Ingrid Bergman at Crowd Show, NN Contemporary


My Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, Cary Grant & Ingrid Bergman original paintings are all available to purchase now from those estimable merchants at 15 Collingwood as part of their summer art show (amongst some fine local talent). It's an essential Northampton stop-off for those of the shrewdest taste - many thanks once more to Rocco & co. 

Richard Burton & Ingrid Bergman original illustrations, now available to buy at 15 Collingwood 

Richard Burton & Ingrid Bergman original illustrations, now available to buy at 15 Collingwood 

Fun For Louis

Delighted to share another YouTuber commission - this time for Louis Cole's 'Fun For Louis' project. Louis is a travel vlogger who's been documenting his adventures around the world for several years now, and his photography provided me with some stunning references for this social channel banner illustration.

The 'Fun For Louis' YouTube home page, with banner artwork in situ.

The 'Fun For Louis' YouTube home page, with banner artwork in situ.

You can check his YouTube here Why not drop him some feedback on the artwork too, maybe help him over that tricky 2m subscribers hurdle....?! 

Hello World

My old pal Ben Brown from Canyon Studios called me earlier this year and asked if I could contribute some artwork for an as-yet-unconfirmed event, hopefully featuring some of the biggest YouTubers in the world. Intrigued by the concept and excited at the mooted suggestion of a movie poster/fantasy-style illustration some way down the line, I agreed, and initially provided a two-point perspective watercolour rendering of the immersive environment around which the Hello World event would be based - used subsequently in much of the teaser material for the show.

The go-ahead for the poster artwork - depicting ZoellaTyler OakleyPointlessBlogJoe SuggMarcus ButlerCaspar LeeKSIJim ChapmanLouise PentlandOli WhiteRose Ellen Dix and Rosie Spaughton (actually barely half of all those appearing at the event) - was given in the summer, and has proven to be the biggest commercial piece I've undertaken so far in every regard. It's a physical painting (worth pointing out, as increasingly work of this approximate style is being rendered entirely digitally), done in acrylics & coloured pencils on gessoed board. 

The idea was to illustrate how a new frontier has been established in this realm of online media, and the interest it has already received has proven that whilst this still represents a relatively unchecked subgenre to many (millennials and above), the rising popularity of the subjects here is absolutely astonishing.

'Hello World' takes place next weekend (28th & 29th Oct) at the Birmingham Genting Arena, and will be huge. Many thanks to Ben Brown & Canyon (and a special shout out to Lacie Cox Photography for the shots of the final piece) - a joy and a privilege to work on.

New Website

Here it is. You're looking at it. Please continue to look at it and tell other people to look at it as well.