Hello World

My old pal Ben Brown from Canyon Studios called me earlier this year and asked if I could contribute some artwork for an as-yet-unconfirmed event, hopefully featuring some of the biggest YouTubers in the world. Intrigued by the concept and excited at the mooted suggestion of a movie poster/fantasy-style illustration some way down the line, I agreed, and initially provided a two-point perspective watercolour rendering of the immersive environment around which the Hello World event would be based - used subsequently in much of the teaser material for the show.

The go-ahead for the poster artwork - depicting ZoellaTyler OakleyPointlessBlogJoe SuggMarcus ButlerCaspar LeeKSIJim ChapmanLouise PentlandOli WhiteRose Ellen Dix and Rosie Spaughton (actually barely half of all those appearing at the event) - was given in the summer, and has proven to be the biggest commercial piece I've undertaken so far in every regard. It's a physical painting (worth pointing out, as increasingly work of this approximate style is being rendered entirely digitally), done in acrylics & coloured pencils on gessoed board. 

The idea was to illustrate how a new frontier has been established in this realm of online media, and the interest it has already received has proven that whilst this still represents a relatively unchecked subgenre to many (millennials and above), the rising popularity of the subjects here is absolutely astonishing.

'Hello World' takes place next weekend (28th & 29th Oct) at the Birmingham Genting Arena, and will be huge. Many thanks to Ben Brown & Canyon (and a special shout out to Lacie Cox Photography for the shots of the final piece) - a joy and a privilege to work on.