Crowd Show at NN Contemporary

A neat follow-on from the last post here - my Ingrid Bergman painting (or more accurately, a print of it) is presently part of Sarah Taylor Silverwood’s Crowd Show at NN Contemporary here in Northampton. Sarah’s random curation method - an open call via a roadside billboard - has facilitated a disparate collection of artworks for the exhibition, intended as the starting point for a series of events in the town which will address the meaning and value of art and the art world.

It’s a pleasure to be involved, and you can drop in to see the exhibition until the 3rd of November. More info on Crowd Show and details on the public programme of events can be seen here.

Incidentally, the original painting is currently up for sale here at a ludicrously low price….

Ingrid Bergman at  Crowd Show , NN Contemporary

Ingrid Bergman at Crowd Show, NN Contemporary